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Free Home Try On Terms & Conditions

Free Home Try On Service

  • There is no charge for the Free Home Try On Service and you are under no obligation to place an order afterwards. The Free Home Try On Service is for grooms only and other party members are asked not to use this service. Please note, Try On orders that are booked for party members other than the groom may be cancelled.
  • Free Home Try Ons are limited to one per groom
  • Your Free Home Try On outfit consists of jacket, waistcoat, trousers, neckwear and hankie. It's advisable you wear your own white shirt and dress shoes so you can see how the complete outfit will look on the day.
  • You can only book a Free Home Try On online. If you'd like to book your wedding party outfits, this must be done online via the Xedo website.
  • The Free Home Try On Service is only available in Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. The Free Home Try On Service is not available in Republic of Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey.
  • Your Free Home Try On outfit will be delivered and collected from a single address:
    • Free Home Try Ons are available for home delivery, Monday to Friday.
    • Your return date will be determined by your chosen delivery date and cannot be altered.
  • Our preferred courier is DPD who provide a one hour delivery window on all parcels.
  • You can contact DPD customer services on 0844 556 0560 regarding all delivery enquiries.
  • A change of address cannot be requested when the parcel is out for delivery or still in transit.
  • If DPD leave a calling card, it is your responsibility to contact DPD. The phone number is on the calling card along with an 8 digit number at the top of the card to allow you to rearrange delivery.
  • Free Home Try On outfits will be sent out with security tags attached. Any attempt to remove these tags may result in charges being applied.
  • Your Free Home Try On outfit should be ready for collection on the agreed date. It should be returned in the suit bag or box provided.
  • Replacement suit bags or boxes will not be provided by us or our chosen courier.

Late and damaged goods

  • Surcharges will be incurred on garments that are:
    • Returned late
    • Missing
    • Damaged
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Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire

These Terms and Conditions of Hire govern the relationship between you and us. Only place an order with us if you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In no event will this hire agreement cover a period in excess of 3 months.


    1. We will hire to you the garments detailed on your order form as long as they are within the size range available. Please note that it is not possible to carry out alterations to garments as you might expect if you had purchased them.
    2. All garments are quality checked and processed after each hire and every effort is made to ensure the quality is to high standard and that garments are free from any defects. However, due to dry-cleaning, there may be a slight shading difference in garments, especially where garments are ordered for a large wedding party.
    3. We reserve the right to substitute to the nearest half size as follows:
      • Jacket size +2 inch
      • Jacket length + or - 1 inch
      • Trouser Length + or - 1 inch
      • Trouser waist +2 inch
      • Top hat size +1/8
      • Shoes +1/2 size
      • Shirt collar +1/2 inch


    1. You must place your order online. It is your responsibility to check that all the details of your order (e.g. function date, garments, sizes, etc) are correct.
    2. The hire period is deemed to start from 9am on the day of the function. If hires are required out with the standard delivery and return dates, an additional charge of £10 per day is payable.
    1. A minimum deposit of 50% of the groom's outfit must be paid on placing the order.
    2. If Groom Goes Free offer is applied and the deposit value of the order becomes zero, a minimum deposit of £50 is required on placing the order. This will be refunded when the remaining outstanding balance is paid in full.
    1. You must try on all garments on day of delivery to ensure they fit.
    2. If the fit is not satisfactory, you must report this to us immediately or not later than 12 noon the day following the delivery of your outfit. You can call us on 0845 340 4118 to report this. If you do not report that a garment does not fit and request replacement item(s) within this time we cannot guarantee that such replacement items can be delivered in time for your Function Date. If we are able to deliver such replacement items, additional charges will be applied - payment of which will be your responsibility. Any additional charges will be added to the sums set out on the order form and will be payable.
    3. You will be responsible for and we shall have no liability for your own expenses (e.g. travel costs, time off work, etc.) incurred during this fitting process - even if the garment has a fault.
    4. We will have no liability for any costs, expenses, losses or damages incurred or suffered by you or for timely delivery of the hired garments as a result of your failure to comply with any of the above requirements in this section 3.
    1. In the event of an order being cancelled within 14 days of the Order Date, the deposit will be refunded in full unless condition 4.3 below applies.
    2. In the event of an order being cancelled more than the 14 day after the Order Date, the deposit will be non-refundable.
    3. You will be given a completion date for information of your order at time of booking. In the event of the order being cancelled after this completion date you will be required to pay the total hire charge for each garment ordered.
    1. As the individual who places the order online, if you are hiring garments for more than one individual, you will procure the compliance with these Terms and Conditions of the Hire by all other members of your party and you will indemnify us in full for any costs, expenses, losses or damages incurred or suffered by us as a result of any failure by any member of your party to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Hire.
    1. Garments will be delivered to a UK Mainland or Northern Ireland address only
    2. Outfits will be delivered by DPD. Standard delivery days are Monday to Friday.
    3. You must try on all garments on day of delivery to ensure they fit.
    4. The total hire charge is payable 15 days prior to the function date.
    5. Outfits will not be dispatched until all outfits have been paid in full, sizes for all garments have been entered, and delivery and return information has been submitted for all outfits.
    1. Hire orders may be extended for additional days at a rate of £10 per outfit per day, subject to availability for a maximum of 3 months.
    1. Late orders will be any order placed less than 15 days prior to the function date. Late orders may be accepted at the discretion of Xedo but we cannot guarantee that garments that are the subject of a late order can be delivered in time for your Function Date. If we are able to deliver such late orders, additional carriage charges will be charged, payable at point of order.
    1. You are responsible for the safe return of all hired garments in an undamaged condition. You will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against any loss or damage to the garments during the period they are hired to you and/or any failure to return any garment bags or hat boxes.
    2. Garments will be delivered by courier on the date stated on the order.
    3. Outfits should be ready for collection on the date stated and returned to the courier in the suit bags and boxes provided. Please note that our preferred courier, DPD, only collect Monday to Friday.
    4. All garments must be ready for collection on the date stated on the order. Failure to do so will result in an excess charge of £10 per suit per day after the stated Return Date and failure to return any garment bag or hat box will incur a charge for each item. All charges for late return will be payable by you within 7 days of the scheduled return date. There is no exception to this condition.
    5. If you fail to return any hired garments we will pursue the return of all garments and all monies owing.
    1. Please treat the garments with reasonable care.
    2. Please take particular care with top hats. Under no circumstances should they be thrown in the air.
    1. Payment of Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) by you covers any charges that would normally arise following accidental damage to any or all of the garments provided that they were being used appropriately (with the exception of top hats, which are NOT covered by the ADW).
    2. ADW does not cover lost or stolen garments or garments which have, in our opinion, been damaged through inappropriate use or malicious damage.
    3. Please remember that any personal insurance you may already hold does not cover the garments owned by us.
    4. We reserve the right to charge you for and you will be responsible for the replacement cost of any garment which is lost, stolen or returned damaged (unless covered by our ADW). A full list of charges is available on request.
    1. We will not be liable for any loss of profits, any indirect and/or consequential losses.
    2. In any event our liability is limited to the full hire cost of the order in connection with which any claim or potential claim relates.
    Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we have a legal duty to protect any personal information we collect from you and we will take all necessary steps to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its relevant subordinate legislation when handling any personal data which you may provide us.
    1. We will collect personal information from you in order to provide you with the products and services you request from us and will use the personal information you supply us for this purpose.
    2. We will hold your information for as long as necessary to fulfil that purpose.
    3. We would also like to use your information to let you know about services offered by Xedo Software that we think may be of interest to you and may hold your information for a reasonable period of time for this purpose. You will only receive this type of information if you have either confirmed to us that you are happy to receive this type of information and/or you have not informed us that you do not wish to receive it. If at any time in the future you wish to stop receiving any marketing information from us then please contact us on 0845 340 4118.
    4. We will only pass your personal information to third parties:
      1. Who work with us or on our behalf to provide a product or service to you which you have requested and such persons may only use this information in order to provide such product or service and not for any other purpose.
      2. Who work with us or on our behalf to provide services to us for example in respect of customer analysis and marketing if you have agreed to our use of your personal information for this purpose; and
      3. Where we are required to forward the information or data in order to comply with any regulatory or legal process.
    5. We may assign our right to recover payment for any or all charges (including charges payable in connection with any damaged, missing, late or unreturned item) payable by you under your order to Xedo (or such other third party as we may determine from time to time). Where we so assign our right to recover payment, you acknowledge and agree that we may pass your personal details (including your credit card details) to Xedo (or such other third party as we may appoint from time to time) for the purpose of processing and collecting such charges. You further acknowledge and agree that Xedo (or such other third party so appointed by us) may hold any such personal details that we pass to them until such time as you return to Xedo all the garments and accessories hired by you from us, as set out in your order.
  14. VAT
    1. All product prices shown on the website are inclusive of any applicable UK VAT. Where you have requested delivery of your order to a UK Mainland or Northern Ireland address, the total cost of your order will include UK VAT.
  15. VAT receipts for online purchases
    1. For purchases from www.xedo.co.uk, please quote your order number and send your request to: ACS Group, Finance Team, 6 Dovecote Road, Eurocentral, North Lanarkshire ML1 4GP (or email to financeteam@acsclothing.co.uk). Any VAT receipts will be made out to the bill-to name and address used when the order was placed.
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